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Our mission

The vision and mission of Sudryso is to provide the increasingly nutrition conscious consumer with tasty, radically innovative, healthier, more sustainable & affordable alternatives to conventional unhealthy processed foods. We thereby aspire to disrupt the status-quo in the food system!

As many other food industry players, we recognise the trend that modern consumers are increasingly looking for healthy and sustainable alternatives to snack products currently on the market. However, one problem persists: these are often not very tasty at all! And, as taste is king - that is exactly what we are going to change! 

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In today's society, we are increasingly confronted with the consequences of overweight & obesity - namely; cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some forms of cancer - Often linked to overconsumption of unhealthy food full of fat, sugar and salt. Therefore, we believe there is an evolutionary mismatch between taste and health of processed foods. 

In addition, as a society we can deal with our food supply in a much smarter and more sustainable way - fruit and vegetables that are not quite perfect, for example an ugly tomato, are already being thrown away by the grower because the consumer prefers not to buy them - often about 10-20% of the harvest - a huge waste!  

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