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Our products & markets

Sudryso is your partner in the idea-to-shelf development and production of food service & retail Market Ready Solutions. Our strengths lie in developing innovative products using agricultural side streams and limited additives (clean label), otherwise not used in human nutrition – excelling on the aspects of taste, health & sustainability. 

Our products

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Our markets

We can process a broad portfolio of raw material into crisps, pops, crackers, slices, snacks, powders, concentrates and many more applications! Our technology allows us to utilize limitless blending of vegetables, fruits and other foods. Due to their healthy nutritional profile and clean label properties, our products are ideal for:

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Healthy snacking

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Elderly nutrition

Father & son snacking.jpg

Sports nutrition

Children's snacks

Technology benefits

Clean label

Due to the concentration of available nutrients and taste compounds – the Sudryso product is both very healthy and tasty, without the necessity of adding any flavour enhancers (such as salt).

Long shelf-life

Our technology allows the creation of very crispy products, without adding any fat (no oxidation) and with very low water activity (w/w as low as ~0,88%) – enabling a long shelf life of at least 1 year and beyond.

Highly nutritious

Protein, dietary fibre, and micronutrients are concentrated & remain highly stable (up to 95%) due to our unique method of processing – resulting in a highly nutritious product!

Maximized sustainability

Our technology enables us to safely process a broad portfolio food industry side streams - such as an ugly tomato that is otherwise wasted - into various types of tasty, healthy & sustainable products

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